Creating your Citizen user account

Here's how to get your own Citizen account up and running using our mobile app

Device requirements 📋

As we use biometrics to secure your account and any request you receive, so you'll need a phone enabled with a fingerprint or face scanner.

Download the app 📱

Head over to the Android or Apple app store and download the Citizen app

  1. Apple - App Store
  2. Android - Play Store

Create your user account 👤

  1. First, open the Citizen app and click 'allow notifications'
    This will mean we can let you know when a new request is waiting for your approval

  2. Click Register and enter your email address 
    This will be the email address you'll use to trigger requests to pay, or log in to Citizen (for business users)

    3 Enter Email

  3. Enter a password
    This will only be used if you ever need to recover your account should you need to set up your app again. So please make sure you store it somewhere secure.

    4 Add Password
  4. (Optional) - Add additional details to your account
    Some requests may ask for verified additional information like address, or location. You can do this now, or at the time the request is sent.

    5 add information

  5. All done!
    You'll now see your inbox, this is where you will see and approve requests to identify or pay.

    6 inbox

Don't forget to verify your email address! ✉️

Before you can approve any requests in the app you'll need to verify your email address. You'll see an email in you inbox from identify@citizen. Simply click 'Activate' to complete set up